10 HP Pre-Hooktail Pit, No Mega Rush P is a combination of both the 10 HP and No Mega Rush P Pre-Hooktail Pit challenges in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is regarded as the second hardest challenge in the Pre-Hooktail Pit category, only to 10 HP Prologue Pit.


  • Complete the Pit of 100 Trials before completing Chapter 1.
  • Do not leave the Pit of 100 Trials partway. The run must be attempted in one go.
  • Only equip FP or BP upon leveling up.
  • Do not equip HP Plus or Mega Rush P.


10 HP Pre-Hooktail Pit, No Mega Rush P has been completed by the following players:

  • Kappy
  • ThatOneSpyGuy
  • A. A. Ran
  • Michael The Fox
  • Koop
  • ilikepieinmouth
  • amazydayzee3621
  • Olmi
  • Dyla
  • Kyle The Hobo
  • Stebbdogg
  • Miccat87

Click here to see the run in action.

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