10 HP Prologue Pit is a Pit of 100 Trials challenge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is regarded as the one of the hardest challenges in the Pre-Hooktail Pit category. In this run, the player attempts to complete the Pit of 100 Trials before starting Chapter 1, with Mario's HP never exceeding 10. The player can enter the Pit during the Prologue via cheats or glitches.

Using the "Super Jump" glitch, it is possible to upgrade Goombella, obtain the Ultra Hammer, and access Fahr Outpost during the Prologue. With these resoucres, the difficulty of 10 HP Prologue Pit decreases significantly. Therefore the challenge is divided into two subcategories: with and without Super Jump.


  • Complete the Pit of 100 Trials before completing the Prologue.
  • Do not leave the Pit of 100 Trials partway. The run must be attempted in one go.
  • Only upgrade Flower Points (FP) or Badge Points (BP) upon leveling up; always keep Mario's max HP at 10.


10 HP Prologue Pit has been completed by the following players:

Without Super Jump With Super Jump
  • Kappy
  • Ilikepieinmouth
  • Kyle The Hobo
  • Dyla
  • Miccat87
  • amazydayzee3621
  • Dyla
  • Koop

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