Even Turn is a single-restriction, full-playthrough challenge in Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In this challenge, the player plays through the game with Mario and his partners moving only on even turns in battle.


  • 64: Only move Mario and Partners on even turns, selecting the Do Nothing command on odd turns.
  • TTYD: Only move Mario and Partners on even turns, selecting Appeal or Defend on odd turns.
  • Do not guard or Superguard any attacks on odd turns.

Codes to enable infinite Slow StatusEdit

  • The following Gecko code will enable the slow status in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, permanently disabling any moves on odd turns:
$Mario Slow Status Permanently Active
C0000000 00000007
9421FFF0 BFC10008
83EDxxxx 2C1F0000
41A20018 83FF0024
2C1F0000 4182000C
3BC00002 9BDF0130
BBC10008 38210010
4E800020 00000000

$Partners Slow Status Permanently Active
C0000000 0000000B
9421FFE8 BF810008
83EDxxxx 2C1F0000
41A2003C 3BC0003E
83BF0028 2C1D0000
41A20020 839D0008
2C1C00E0 41A00014
2C1C00E6 4181000C
3B800002 9B9D0130
4082FFD0 BB810008
38210018 4E800020

xxxx = 1C70 (U), 1710 (JP), 1D50 (PAL)

Codes to disable Guards and SuperguardsEdit

  • The following Gecko code will disable guards or Superguards on every odd or even turn in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door:
$Even/Odd Turns No Guards/Superguards
C20Fxxxx 00000005
80CDzzzz 3CA60001
88A56Fww 54A507FF
4u820010 38A00000
90A61CB0 4E800020
9421FFD0 00000000

xxxx = A1B8 (U), 5268 (JP), B024 (PAL)
zzzz = 1C70 (U), 1710 (JP), 1D50 (PAL)
ww = 57 (U, PAL), 3B (JP) u = 0 (Even Turns), 1 (Odd Turns)


Even Turn has been completed by the following players:

Paper Mario Paper Mario: TTYD - Game Completion Paper Mario: TTYD - Pit Completion
  • Blanket P.I.
  • GamerFourFun
  • Kappy
  • GamerFourFun
  • A. A. Ran
  • Kappy
  • Koop
  • GamerFourFun
  • A. A. Ran
  • Kappy

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