Impossible Mode is a multi-restriction, full-playthrough challenge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and the hardest variant of Level Zero. In this run, the player plays through the game under Level Zero conditions, and is not allowed to use items, SP moves, heart blocks or inns, Merlee, or partner swapping during battle. The only methods of healing are through heart or flower drops, BINGOs, and level-ups.

Due to this challenge being too heavily dependent on RNG, the run can be considered complete after the Grodus and Bowser battles in Chapter 8. While completion of the Pit of 100 Trials up to floor 99 is too difficult to be considered practical, a leaderboard of records has been implemented to showcase players that do attempt it. Additionally defeating the Shadow Queen, and to a lesser extent, Bonetail, is doable under extreme RNG-reliant conditions, and is considered to be extra challenges for this run. However, Shadow Queen cannot be beaten in TTYD's Japanese version, as none of her attacks can be superguarded.

Note - Since over 5 FP is required to complete the Iron Clefts battle, an exception exists in which the player can heal FP using items or SP moves. (BINGO slots cannot be awarded for dealing zero damage.)


  • Only upgrade Badge Points (BP) upon leveling up.
  • Do not equip Badges.
    • Peekaboo may be equipped if desired.
    • Any Badges that cost 0 BP may be equipped with the exception of Attack FX R against Hooktail.
  • Do not rank up any of Mario’s Partners.
  • Do not use Items.
  • Do not use Special moves.
  • Do not use Heart Blocks or Inns.
  • Do not swap Partners during battle.
  • Do not use Merlee.
  • Only superguard.


Impossible Mode has been completed by the following players:

Completion Past Grodus/Bowser

Completion Past Shadow Queen

Pit of 100 Trials: Floors Completed

  • Fatguy
  • Kappy
  • Ilikepieinmouth
  • A. A. Ran
  • StarmanOmega
  • RedFalcon
  • Doopliss
  • Warspyking
  • Gible_V
  • Kyle The Hobo
  • Kb
  • Fatguy
  • Ilikepieinmouth - 99[1]
  • A. A. Ran - 75
  • Fatguy - 75
  • StarmanOmega - 63
  • RedFalcon - 62
  • Kb - 48
  • Warspyking - 45
  • Gible_V - 40
  1. Ilikepieinmouth has also defeated Bonetail under Impossible Mode conditions, but only separately after saving the game on Floor 99.

Click here to see the run in action.

Click here to see Ilikepieinmouth's completion of the Pit of 100 Trials.

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